Peeling Gel 101

A new exfoliant taking center stage in 2022. Here’s everything you need to know.


What if there was an exfoliating product that provided softer, smoother, more vibrant-looking skin? (Dare we say without the wallet-splurge price tags.)

Before we introduce the double-take worthy product, let’s check your skincare cabinet: what is your current exfoliator? Is it acid-based, like AHAs and BHAs, that peels the top layer of your skin? Or is it a granular scrub that physically buffs your skin’s surface? Although these forms of exfoliating do their job in removing dead skin cells, they’re also on extreme ends of the spectrum. For acid-base you’re chemically peeling the surface of your skin while microbeads scrubs feel like a polish rather than a deep clean (whether you like cleaning or not, we know there’s a vast difference.) So, this is the point where we introduce peeling gels. 

Here’s the thing – the results speak for themselves.

What are peeling gels?

Also known as “exfoliating gels,” peeling gels are set apart from scrubs or acid-based peels because their formulas don’t contain abrasives. Instead, they’re extremely gentle and soothing, making it the perfect exfoliator for all skin types – sensitive skin included! These gels deliver fast-action exfoliation and maximum efficiency in removing dead skin cells for new layers of skin to rejuvenate onto the surface. 


How does it work?

Apply a generous amount of the gel-like formula to your already cleansed face and massage it in a circular motion. Remember to reach the folds near your nose, T-zone, chin, and cheeks now that mask-ne is a thing. As you’re massaging your face, you’ll begin to see little specks formulate into bunches left behind. It could get a little disturbing but it’s more of a satisfying feeling – similar to the one like removing stains from a white T-shirt. After you’ve fully massaged till no new specks are made, rise everything and pat dry with a towel. 

Spoiler: Guaranteed glow.


Are the specks dead skin cells?

Yes, but not entirely. Peeling gel formulas include “carbomers” and “cellulose” which absorb oil and water in the skin. These components create a fiber that removes excess dirt and dead skin cells. It’s a combination of the product activating, and increases in size by eliminating excess from the skin’s surface. 


How many times should I use peeling gels? 

The formula is very gentle on the skin so it’s recommended twice or thrice a week. But note, everyone’s skin is different so be sure to figure out what works best for you. 


If you’re in the mood to do a deep cleanse not just mentally, emotionally, or physically (appearance and/or environment), why not start with your skin this new year. The peel is perfect for all skin types and anyone searching to brighten their skin from the convenience of their home.