Whole Body Approach for a Healthy Glow

How your skin microbiome affects inner and outer health.

We’re all looking for balance these days. From juggling work, navigating current challenges to maintaining relationships, we’re constantly seeking to center ourselves. (Cue in the irresistibly adorable pup pups, nature hikes, overpriced oat milk coffee, and some retail therapy.) Whether it be from stress, lack of a healthy diet, or our environments, our body on schedule signals if we’re falling short of caring for ourselves. While indulging in these personal remedies are important in and of itself, we need to dive deeper if we want to get to the root.  

We typically think of skin only as it relates to beauty – but it’s essential to our overall health. After all, it’s the largest organ in the body and the major interface between us and foreign invaders: preventing the entry of irritants and pathogens, informing the advancement of immune responses, and regulating water loss. Our skin is home to an array of microorganisms that play a consequential role in our body’s wellness. 

When’s the last time you intentionally checked-in with your skin’s microbiome? Sounds like a non-skincare word? No worries – not many people have heard of the term.

As a complex organism, our skin isn’t as immobile or boring as one would think. Similar to your gut microbiome, the skin microbiome is an ecosystem of bacteria on the skin’s surface to keep you healthy and safe. Our skin reacts to the environment; therefore, it’s important to understand not only our skin “type” – normal, oily, combination or dry – but also the condition of our skin. To do so, it goes further than topical treatments and hones in on a more internal approach. When we understand our skin microbiome, we also understand that skin health is strongly intertwined to our overall wellness. 

So, what does applying this knowledge look like? 

When the microbiome is balanced, your skin looks refreshed, smooth, and healthy. On the other hand, when it’s unbalanced – more harmful bacteria is present – it leads to skin issues like itching, splotches, and dryness. For a healthy microbiome, it takes more than great skincare products and a strict regime, it’s caring for not just your skin’s surface but also your health. You’ve heard it before: healthy skin starts on the inside. 

Introducing the whole-body approach. Yup – from head to toe. Because your outer health is just as important as your inner health and both deserve undivided care. When we begin to see the larger picture, we see inner beauty and outer beauty are intertwined and connected. Your optimal health, for you. Taking care of your inner wellbeing – a healthy gut, mind, and diet – and outer wellbeing is an investment of your time and energy, but your body will truly thank you. 

While the term “wellness” is oftentimes associated with “health,” it’s actually different. Wellness is a conscious journey to become more aware of and intentional in your active pursuit of  reaching your full potential. This process may look different for everyone, and that’s completely okay. We’re all in different stages in life, how we show up for our skin isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula. Now we know well-being goes beyond external symptoms and requires internal care. 

By doing so, we challenge mainstream beauty standards. Awaken your inner glow – it's beauty defined by you.