As seasons change, the conditions of your skin also change depending on the environment it is exposed to.
Pinux, like a time machine, brings back your healthy skin which has been damaged by hot sun, thick makeup, fatigue, sleep deprivation, or stress.
It also makes the skin collagen, collagenase, elastin, and elastase, immediately react to stabilize and protect collagen and elastin of the skin.
Our products contain safe, natural elements and they also reproduce fresh new cells to prevent aging of your skin.

Our company has many years experience in the Beauty industry, and met up with a research team to create Awakiin_Kairos Cosmetics in Korea.
We make our products and look for solutions to skin problems from lotus, green tea, pine tree sap, aloe, charcoal and many more natural resources.
Let’s take off the mask now, awaken your healthy skin, not by thick makeup, but to reflect your younger natural skin and go back in time to live young again.

Meet Awakiin_Kairos and say goodbye to bacteria, viruses, carcinogen, inflammation, allergies, and vasodilators.

All our products will be made with raw materials provided by a research institute located in Korea. The research institute is constantly working towards making better products to help with your skin inflammation, anti-wrinkle, freckles, moisturizing, elasticity.

The research team in this institute is well known for their pine tree polyphenol (PQ10) and was awarded the10th Presidential Award (Geunjungpojang) from the Ministry of Agriculture in 2007 for it.