Your beauty is unique. We get that. We believe your natural self is your refined canvas. As an innovative and intentional skincare brand, we want to elevate your confidence in your own skin – there’s power in loving you. We’re focused on moving culture forward by redefining skincare through products and purpose while advancing past de trop beauty standards. We’re starting at the origin – your skin. 

We honor your skin as art.

Our Mission

At AWAKIIN, our core value is to help you feel empowered. We honor your skin as art. Why not treat it like what it’s worth? Our team works closely with chemists and the production process to provide the highest quality, skin-friendly and natural ingredients at affordable prices for maximum efficacy. Everyone deserves accessible skincare. We always strive to inspire people to be excited about enriching their art. 

Our inspirations + values

We’re guided by a blend of inspirational references: personal anecdotes, the close relationships to South Korea’s superior skincare industry and the creation story in the book of Genesis. We find the deepest inspiration in the culmination of these to propel forward thinking: shifting paradigms and embracing our own innovative blueprints. As a brand, we choose to challenge the quick-and-easy growth and instead commit to our own unwavering, envisioned process – one that defends sustainable growth, longevity, quality and genuine relationships. We aim to raise the collective standard. 


Meet Our Founder

Christopher discovered his passion for universal skincare early on while seeing his mom revive her skin from home after an unfortunate experience at a skin care clinic. Organic, DIY ingredients restored her skin – this became a sourced inspiration. Later, a six-month trip to South Korea, the universal skincare capital, solidified his vision to provide the finest quality skincare to all. This sentiment is expressed in each product and its purpose: grace your natural skin. 

Leading the time-honored expansion of a 38-year-old company, he is celebrated for his hands-on approach and charismatic leadership to ensure the company’s values resonate with all involved starting from the drawing board to final shipments. As a trailblazer, he is reframing how skincare should be: your skin is the art, you are the artist.


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