About Us


High-quality formulas. Skin-nourishing ingredients. Culture-shifting community.


Awakiin Beauty shifts the visual identity of what skincare looks like. We create products with your inner beauty in mind. Skincare is more than skin deep, we honor the connection between your beauty routine and well-being. Your beauty is your power, defined by you. Made for all.


Our Vision 

Founded by Christopher in Los Angeles, Awakiin Beauty is an inclusive skincare brand made for all women and men. Our products are designed with a purpose to empower you to reach your full potential – starting with your skin and extending to your well-being. We believe shifting culture begins with you.


Our Products 

All our products are formulated with natural, skin-loving ingredients that are potent yet gentle to provide high-quality skincare essentials that power your skin’s well-being. We work closely with our chemists to create products that restore and balance your skin for a smoother, hydrated, and radiant complexion.


Inspiration + Values 

We’re guided by a blend of inspirational references: personal anecdotes, the close relationships to South Korea’s superior skincare industry and the creation story in the book of Genesis. We find the deepest inspiration in the culmination of these to propel forward thinking: shifting paradigms and embracing our own innovative blueprints. As a brand, we choose to challenge the quick-and-easy growth and instead commit to our own unwavering, envisioned process – one that defends sustainable growth, longevity, quality and genuine relationships. We aim to raise the collective standard.


Founder's Story 

Inspired by his mother and heritage, Christopher discovered his passion for inclusive skincare.

“I knew it was inescapable for me to step ahead and learn how to care and nourish my skin the right way – this is when everything changed. This liberating journey is what I want to share with you. I hope to help others discover their skincare journey. Skincare isn’t exclusive to one gender – everyone deserves to feel confident in their skin.”


Before embarking on his own skincare journey, he watched his mom fully embracing the skincare enthusiast within her after an unfortunate skincare experience. With unyielding patience and determination, she discovered the blue-ribbon, refined cure – skincare products far more effective than the ones offered at over-priced skin care centers. This became a sourced inspiration.

Later, a six-month trip to South Korea, the universal skincare capital, solidified his vision to provide the top-quality skincare to all.