3 Reasons You Should Switch to Sheet Masks.

3 Reasons You Should Switch to Sheet Masks.


What started out as a Korean beauty trend is now a staple in skincare routines worldwide. Even as trends come and go, sheet masks for skin are a beauty trend that will never die out. They’ve been around long before you could “#skincare” on your Instagram posts. And it’s about time we stop hopping onto new skincare trends and just stick to basics. Remember the rage with clay masks and charcoal masks. While these options are well-suited for specific skin types, we don’t recommend them for everyone. And we definitely don’t recommend using them every day as part of your skincare routine.

On the other hand, sheet masks are beneficial for every skin type and can be used every day. With the right ingredients and the assurance of quality, you have the perfect remedy for every skin condition that comes your way. Here we have 3 reasons why you should clear out that clutter of mask containers you haven’t touched in months and swap it out for a delicate row of sheet masks.


  • It’s Fast, but It Lasts.

Sheet masks are notorious for their quick and simple solutions. All you have to do is tear open a new pack and apply it onto a clean face. Within 20 minutes, your face will have absorbed all the necessary nutrients to rejuvenate your skin. The next time you’re on a long flight or car ride, try applying a sheet mask during your trip and see what a difference it can make. And don’t worry about those wandering eyes from strangers, they’re just jealous they didn’t think of doing it themselves.


  • Deeply Penetrates the Skin.

The simplicity of a sheet mask seems deceiving, but they’re more intense than you may think. When you pull the sheet mask out of its package, you’ll notice it’s drenched in a liquid serum that contains a number of ingredients packed with nutrients. By submerging your face under a layer of liquid nutrients over a period of time, your skin will dissolve those active properties allowing it to become hydrated and replenished. The key to using a sheet mask efficiently is to make sure the entire mask clings to your face without any air pockets or crinkles. This is so that your skin isn’t exposed to any oxygen bubbles and it allows the serum to effectively sink into your skin.


  • A Variety of Options and Benefits.

As mentioned before, sheet masks were made to suit all skin types. Every sheet mask comes with its own set of solutions. For example, a rose face mask combats dry skin due to the rose centifolia flower extract which balances your skin’s natural PH levels and controls excess oils1. The aloe barbadensis leaf extract infused into aloe face masks treats sun-damaged skin and acne prone skin. Face masks such as clay masks only target oily skin and simply detox your skin rather than hydrate it. With a lemon sheet mask, you can work against oily skin and keep it hydrated thanks to the lemon extract’s sebum-balancing and pore tightening-qualities2.  


Let’s face it, we don’t have to say more to convince you that sheet masks are the only essentials you need. Awakiin’s online store supplies a variety of face masks suited for every skin’s needs. Use one every day, or even twice a day to stay on top of your skincare game.








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