When To Use a Facial Mist

When To Use a Facial Mist

When To Use a Facial Mist!

Your skincare routine is usually at the start and end of your day. In the morning, you prep your skin to protect it from harmful toxins that can damage the surface of your skin. You may be picturing your toners, SPF moisturizers, and setting sprays. In the evening, you replenish your skin with nutrients and moisture to help it recover. Now you’re picturing heavy overnight creams, exfoliants, and glossy serums. But did you ever think about the condition of your skin in-between your skincare routines? As much as we’d like to think that our skin is prepared to take on anything, the truth is that it can use a bit of touching up throughout the day for maximum protection.


Think about hand lotions. You know, those little tubes of scented creams that we carry in our pockets or bags. Every once in a while, you look down and you see those unwanted cracks in your hands, and you think to apply a small amount of lotion. A few hours go by, and those cracks appear again. You repeat the process. Why is it that you need to reapply lotion to your hands throughout the day? Why wasn’t it enough to do it just once in the morning and once at night?


Well, our environment isn’t as kind to our skin as we are. And in the same way we reapply lotion to our hands to keep them moisturized, we must do it for our face as well. Our skin may look plump and hydrated on the outside, but it can always use a quick pick-me-up throughout the day.


And that’s where facial sprays come in. Just as small and compact as a hand lotion, there’s always a need to keep one handy.


Vital-Neutral Boosting Spray

This facial mist is formulated with Vitamins B and C which works to protect and improve your skin’s barrier. “Vitamin B reduces inflammation, signs of ageing like fine wrinkles and blemishes, and improves the function of the skin's barrier,” Dr Gerard Ee, founder of The Clifford Clinic explains.1 Vitamin C in skincare is known for its brightening effect and improving skin texture. Boosting your skin with these two vitamins in the middle of the day will refine your skin for a fresher look.


Use Vita-Neutral Boosting Spray


  • During work hours
  • Before and after a flight
  • In-between classes
  • During long road-trips or drives
  • When your skin looks or feels dull
  • If you’re exposed to the sun for long periods of time



Deep Sea Hyaluronic Boosting Spray

Strengthen your skin’s moisture activity and enhance your skin’s texture through intense hydration.“Hyaluronic acid attracts and binds to water molecules and increases the water content of the skin,” says Shari Marchbein, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in private practice in New York City.2  This hyaluronic-concentrated formula has the ability to bind up to 1000 times its weight in water, which means your skin will undergo intense hydration and moisture relief.


Use Deep Sea Hyaluronic Boosting Spray if you


  • Have oily or dry skin
  • Are going to be out all day
  • Wear makeup
  • Wear a mask for long periods of time
  • Live in cool or dry climates


As your morning skincare products begins to lose their effect, you will notice a diminishing radiance in your skin. While that’s perfectly normal, it’s preventable with the right facial mist.  Hydrating your skin every few hours will improve the overall look and appearance of your skin to last all day. Start with Awakiin’s Vita-Neutral Boosting Spray or Deep Sea Hyaluronic Boosting Spray.





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